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As advancements in technology are made, digitally preserving your music and videos has become so much easier. CD and DVD recorders are a great investment for any musician, and there are benefits to owning either one of these units. Both devices provide you with the option of being able to play back or watch jam sessions and performances from hours ago, last week or last year. Whether you're in a band or you play solo, you'll love the advantages of owning a CD recorder. A huge bonus is that it gives you the ability to sell recordings from the side of the stage after each performance. Many musicians also use them to transfer old analog recordings from cassettes or reel-to-reel and burn them onto a CD. It's a quick and easy way to preserve past work and the compact size of the CD's will take up less space. CD recorders also come in handy for your present work. They allow you to take your session with you right from the studio. You can record what you're performing, burn it to a CD and then pop it into your car's CD player on the way home. Or all band members can take a copy home so everyone can decide what you want to change or keep at your next session.

When you need to transfer a lot more information, the bigger capacity of a DVD recorder is an obvious choice. All DVD recorders can copy from any analog video source. This will come in handy for bands that feature a lot of choreographed moves. By being able to "burn" as many disks as you want, every band member gets to see what moves work and which ones need tweaking. DVD recorders also provide a great way to preserve video footage taken on your cross country tour. From basic features to fully loaded, you're sure to find a CD or DVD recorder that's right for you and your needs. Both gadgets can help you chronicle every practice, jam or live session so you can enjoy listening to or watching the performances whenever you want…even many years after the band has stopped touring.