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Brushes, Snakes & Cleaning Rods

Even if you owned the most expensive musical instrument on the planet, you can't expect it to continue looking, sounding and playing at its best if you don't give it regular maintenance. The simple truth is that every musical instrument needs routine cleanings and occasional repairs, and it's for this reason why anyone who plays a brasswind instrument should own brushes, snakes and cleaning rods. It's crucial to have these tools and supplies on hand, whether you're in the rehearsal room or backstage before a public performance.

From trumpet spitballs and cleaners to trombone snakes and cornet brushes, everything on this page comes to you from well-known and respected names in the world of brasswind instruments. In fact, many of these tools are top sellers, including the Protec Protector Trumpet Mouthpiece Brush. Designed to clear out backbores and even protect the end of the shank, this compact accessory is constantly getting rave reviews, and you'll understand why when you see and hear the results.

Continuing with the best sellers, trumpet players will definitely want to check out the Yamaha Trumpet Snake. Consisting of a vinyl coating for additional security and durability, this snake will have your trumpet working and sounding great for many years to come. Another popular item here is the Giardinelli Brass Mouthpiece Brush. Every brass and woodwind musician needs to look after their instrument's mouthpiece, and this particular brush features tapered bristles to help keep your mouthpiece free of build-up.

In order to master your brass instrument, you need to take care of the instrument itself - it's as simple as that. You already have the talent to go far: all you need now is a decent collection of brushes, snakes and cleaning rods to ensure your music maker brings your skills to the forefront every time you play it, and for that you're definitely in the right section.