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Brass Mouthpiece Pullers

If you're a brass musician, you know that one of the most critical components of your instrument is its mouthpiece. And due to the delicate nature of your instrument's brass mouthpiece and the wear and tear of regular use, it may become dented, bent or lodged into the mouthpiece receiver. If this happens, a brass mouthpiece puller is a super-convenient device to have on hand. The sole purpose of a brass mouthpiece puller is to "pull" stuck mouthpieces out of brass instruments. Take a look through the brass mouthpiece pullers here, get a sense of how they work and see why it's so beneficial to have one in your instrument case.

The Bobcat Mouthpiece Puller is a top seller for many reasons: it's compact, easy to use and affordable. It's designed to remove any stuck mouthpiece without leaving marks and the adjustable jaws are precision-machined to fit most brass instruments. Simply align this mouthpiece puller on your instrument, tighten the two screws and should slide smoothly right out of the mouthpiece receiver.

Another brass mouthpiece puller worth checking out the DEG Magnum Mouthpiece Puller. Made with cast stainless steel jaws that automatically size to any brasswind mouthpiece, this puller is durable, compact and a fantastic choice for musicians, repair technicians and music instructors alike. All you have to do is fit the puller onto the mouthpiece of your instrument, tighten the single large wingnut at the top and gently pull back to effortlessly release the stuck mouthpiece.

While lower brass instruments like the tuba and euphonium have larger mouthpieces than smaller instruments such as the French horn and trumpet, their mouthpieces all do the same thing - they play a major role in sound production. With a brass mouthpiece puller, you get the peace of mind knowing that if your mouthpiece gets stuck, it can be quickly and easily removed so your show (or practice session) will go on.