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Banjo Tablature

Learning new songs is one of the best parts of playing an instrument - and if those songs are some of your favorites, more's the better! The fastest way to start playing a song from scratch on the banjo is probably through tablature, so if you want to get going right away, this library of banjo tablature is the perfect place to look. There are tabs here from all kinds of musical styles and genres, not to mention for every level of banjo experience. So whether you're a bluegrass-loving novice or a seasoned folk strummer, you'll find at least a few tab books that are right up your alley. Just think about what sort of music you'd like to play and go from there!

For the beginning player, it's a good idea to go for banjo tablature specifically made to be newbie-friendly. Books like the Hal Leonard Songs for Beginners - Banjo Play-Along Vol. 6 Book/CD and Alfred The Big Easy Banjo TAB Songbook are perfect to start out with, offering a healthy variety of tunes that a junior player can handle. You could also try out a holiday-themed title like Alfred Just for Fun Christmas Banjo or the Hal Leonard Christmas Favorites Tab Songbook for Banjo: many of the tunes in these will be accessible enough for beginners as well.

If you're a player with a little more experience under your belt, your options are as wide as the lineup of tab books itself. Choosing by artist is one possible angle, with titles such as Hal Leonard The Bob Dylan Banjo Chord Songbook and Hal Leonard The Beatles Banjo Tab. You could browse by genre with something like the Alfred Just for Fun Swing Jazz Banjo Book, or even by era - for instance, Hal Leonard Bach for Banjo - 20 Pieces Arranged for 5-String Banjo will take you right back to the baroque period with a selection of challenging classical pieces.

New or old, any collection of banjo tablature is worth adding to your personal repertoire - what matters most of all is that you're getting what you want! Nothing's off the table, so be sure to take a look at all the tab books to see which ones appeal to you the most. From there, just pick out the ones that match your experience level, and you'll be good to go. And remember: you're not limited to just one. Feel free to stock up on as much banjo tablature as you like!