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B.C. Rich Electric Guitars

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For those who love to rock loud and louder, you've definitely come to the right place if you're looking for a new guitar. Since the birth of heavy metal, B.C. Rich was right there through every defining moment of the genre, and their unmistakable look and ferocious tone has been praised by countless shredders. From Brad Whitford and Paul Stanley to Lita Ford, Kerry King and Slash, these guitarists have all become icons with B.C. Rich electric guitars in their hands, and any one of the models within this section could have you on your way to becoming a legend as well. It's not hard to tell how dedicated B.C. Rich is to headbangers with one simple glance at their catalog. Classic axes like the Mockingbird and the Warlock immediately bring to mind the sound of bone-crunching overdrive and ear-piercing leads. Of course, their selection goes well beyond those two beauties. While the Mockingbird and the Warlock are available here in a wide variety of editions and colors, you'll also find baritones, extended electrics, left-handed models and more. Just take a look at the NJ Deluxe Jr. V Electric Guitar. Boasting EMG pickups, a Floyd Rose Original tremolo and B.C. Rich's famous neck-through construction style, this guitar has incredible sustain, and its access to the higher pickups will ensure every solo screams. Or, for something totally one of a kind, check out the Rich Bich 10 Supreme Electric Guitar. Born in the late '70s, the Bich 10-string model was ahead of its time then, and it still is today. The endless range of tonal varieties are possible thanks to the fully active electronics, neck-through body design and killer good looks. Players like Joe Perry and Slash have used this guitar in the studio and live in concert, so you better believe that this beast will impress even the most discerning musicians. Now that you have a good idea of what awaits you here, by all means browse through B.C. Rich's other choices. Remember, B.C. Rich has an electric guitar for every skill level and budget. After all, nobody is born a rock star virtuoso, but everyone who ever dreamed of melting faces in the biggest arenas deserves an instrument that makes them feel on top of the world, every time they plug in.