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Autoharp Strings

For any instrument that produces sound with strings, those strings are definitely the most important parts of that instrument. What sets the autoharp apart from others is simply the number of strings that are on it! And while autoharp strings can generally be expected to last longer than those of, say, a guitar or ukulele, they're still going to need replacing eventually. If that time has come for your autoharp, or if you're interested in stocking up with a spare set of strings so you can be ready just in case, then you've come to the right place to find the replacements you need. Strings in this section are sold in complete sets, so it's easy to give your autoharp a total facelift all at once. The best way to pick out strings for your autoharp is usually to match the set to the model you own. For instance, if you play an RB1545, RB1552 or RB1535, you're looking for the Rhythm Band ChromAharP Strings. They're a high-quality set with brilliant tone, and made to last so you can look forward to getting plenty of melodies out of them before needing another replacement. If your autoharp is another model, the Oscar Schmidt Autoharp String Set Model B might be the best choice for you. Versatile enough for any 12 or 15-bar autoharp, they're responsive strings that make a fantastic choice to update a wide variety of instruments. Of course there aren't necessarily any right or wrong choices when it comes to autoharp strings: it's all a matter of deciding on the best set for your personal preferences, and which will fit on your instrument. Only you can make that call, so go ahead and take a look at all the string sets there are to browse in this section and start thinking about what you need your strings to do for you. It's a safe bet that you'll know the right set of autoharp strings when you see them!