In conjunction with its low tracking weight, the ATN-XP5 replacement needle boasts very low record wear, so your vinyl record collection stays in excellent condition. The ATN-XP5 is designed to replace a worn or damaged stylus on the Audio-Technica AT-XP5 phono cartridge.

Even though the ATN-XP5 stylus is easy on your wax, it still provides excellent tracking and skip resistance thanks to its elliptical tip. No matter what kind of music you enjoy, your records will sound great, thanks to the ATN-XP5's even frequency response and strong output.

Worn or damaged needles don't just sound poorly—they damage your vinyl irreparably. Don't take a chance with your priceless record collection. Make sure your AT-XP5 phono cartridge is performing at its peak with this genuine Audio-Technica replacement stylus.

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