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The founder and creator of the Altus flutes, Shuichi Tanaka, is one of the most extraordinary flutemakers to emerge from the Japanese flute-making tradition. A gifted flutist, Tanaka developed a genuine interest in the qualities and technical aspects of the instruments during his studies.

The construction of the headjoint was Tanaka's first fascination. He explored all the factors influencing the sound of the instrument, since every cut, file stroke and material combination provides a change in the sound. Each headjoint is meticulously hand crafted, driven by the idea that the headjoint is a crucial element in allowing the musician to more completely express their personality.

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  • Z cut headjoint is available in these configurations:
  • Britannia Silver
  • Britannia Silver with 14K Gold Riser
  • .997 Pure Silver with Sinterized tube
  • .997 Pure Silver with Sinterized tube and 14K Gold Riser