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Flute & Piccolo Head Joints

There are a healthy number of parts making up the entire body of a flute or piccolo, but the head joint is without a doubt the most important of them all. That's because it's responsible for generating the foundation for your instrument's tone - much like the mouthpiece of a trumpet or the reed on a clarinet. Those are prized (and sometimes obsessed-over) parts for players of those instruments, and your choice of flute and piccolo head joints should be approached with a similar level of care. In this section you'll find some truly world-class head joints available to choose from, so if you've been considering how you might elevate your instrument's tone, the answer could be right in front of you.

One name that comes with a lot of prestige and reverence in the flute community is Oleg - and all it takes is one look at the Oleg Double Parabola Handmade Professional Flute Headjoint to see why. Each one that's made is personally tuned by Oleg himself, and they've seen use in orchestras as prestigious as the L.A. Philharmonic. Looking for a bit more control over the specific materials in your head joint? In that case, consider the Altus Classic Handmade Headjoint and the Altus Z Cut Handmade Headjoint. They rank among the finest head joints in the world, and they're made in different combinations of silver and gold with sinterized or seamed tubes so you can order according to your tastes.

Some customization options also await you if you're looking for a piccolo head joint. Check out the Gemeinhardt Piccolo Headjoint for example - its plastic version, the Model P, is perfect if you're a beginner or if you'd like a basic practice head joint. For a mid-range option, you can step up to the silver-plated Model Sp. And if you're an advanced or professional player in need of a high-performance head joint to take onto the stage, there's the sterling-silver Model Ss. A piccolo may be smaller than a flute, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't have a big range of head joint options!

Hands-down, the best way to make your flute or piccolo truly your own is to outfit it with a premium head joint. Whether you're upgrading a brand-new instrument or retrofitting a beloved antique model to give it a new lease on life, the flute and piccolo head joints in this section have you more than covered - all that's left is to decide which one will be the perfect choice for your musical style and needs.