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The Beyerdynamic MM 1 has been developed for the calibration of studio rooms, PA and ELA systems. In conjunction with a spectrum analyzer, the sound pressure levels of loudspeakers can be checked in addition to frequency response measurements. Due to the slim housing with the protruding microphone capsule, the influence on the sound field is very low, so that a pressure build-up at high frequencies is mostly avoided. The transmission pattern is selected so that an exactly linear frequency response is achieved with diffuse sound input. This makes the calibration of several loudspeakers in the studio particularly easy and fast. The MM 1 also provides valuable services when investigating sound signals in research, development and industry.

Includes MA-CL 21 Microphone clamp.
beyerdynamic MM 1 Condenser Measurement Microphone (Omnidirectional)
beyerdynamic MM 1 Condenser Measurement Microphone (Omnidirectional)
beyerdynamic MM 1 Condenser Measurement Microphone (Omnidirectional)

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  • Ideal for acoustic measurement in different environments
  • Linear frequency response at 90°(diffuse field calibrated)
  • Low tolerance ± 1.5 dB in the range between 50 Hz to 16,000 Hz
  • Individual calibration data for 0° and 90° free-field measurement available upon request
  • Simple calibration of several loudspeakers in the (home) studio
  • Slim housing with protruding microphone capsule for minimum influence on the acoustic environment
  • Handcrafted in Germany

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  • Transducer type: Condenser (back electret)
  • Operating principle: Pressure
  • Frequency response: 20 - 20,000 Hz
  • (50 - 16,000 Hz ± 1.5 dB),
  • diffuse field calibrated
  • Polar pattern: Omnidirectional,
  • Sensitivity (0 dB = 1 V/Pa): 15 mV/Pa (= -36.5 dBV) ± 1 dB
  • Nominal impedance: 160 Ω
  • Nominal load impedance: ≥ 2.2 kΩ
  • Max. SPL at f = 1 kHz, k = 1%, RL = 2.2 kΩ: 122 dBSPL
  • Signal-to-noise ratio rel. to 1 Pa: > 57 dB
  • A-weighted equivalent SPL: approx. 26 dB(A)
  • Power supply: 12 - 48 V phantom supply
  • Current consumption: approx. 1.9 mA
  • Output: electronically balanced
  • Connection: 3-pin XLR, male
  • Dimensions:
  • Length: 139 mm
  • Shaft diameter: 19mm
  • Head diameter: 9mm
  • Weight: 73g

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