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The beyerdynamic dynamic double-ribbon microphone M 130, which has been manufactured by hand at the company's site in Heilbronn, Germany, since 1957, is exceptional in terms of production and sound. Equipped with a figure-of-eight polar pattern, the microphone classic can be used not only for picking up various instruments, but also for stereo recordings in Blumlein or M/S stereo configuration. It also features a remarkably natural sound reproduction. In addition to the in-house production of all sound-relevant components, the double-ribbon system is also skillfully made at the beyerdynamic headquarters.
beyerdynamic M 130 Dynamic Double-Ribbon Microphone (Figure-Eight)
beyerdynamic M 130 Dynamic Double-Ribbon Microphone (Figure-Eight)
beyerdynamic M 130 Dynamic Double-Ribbon Microphone (Figure-Eight)

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  • Figure-of-eight double-ribbon microphone
  • Perfect for stereo, ambient and instrument recordings
  • Ideal for Blumlein or M/S stereo configuration
  • Natural sound reproduction and remarkable impulse fidelity
  • Handmade in Germany since 1957

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7. Warranty
a. In the event of any defect in the item of sale, the choice of remedy shall lie with us. Any expenses connected with the remedying of defects arising from the fact that the item of sale has been sent or taken to a place other than the place of performance shall be borne or refunded by the Customer. For claims to compensation on account of a defect, Section 6 of these Terms and Conditions shall apply.
b. The period of limitation for claims for defects shall be 2 years. This shall not apply in the case of fraudulent misrepresentation, willful intent or the cases specified in Arts. 478 and 479 BGB. This shall not affect the limitation period for recovering from the supplier as provided for under Arts. 478 and 479 BGB. The start of the limitation period shall be as specified in the law.
c. Warranty shall be excluded if the Customer has processed or resold the item of sale after he has discovered, or ought to have discovered, a defect unless he is able to prove that the processing or resale was necessary in order to prevent greater loss or damage.
d. Natural wear and tear and damage through improper treatment, handling or storage is excluded from warranty.
e. The return of products is allowed only after prior approval by beyerdynamic.

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