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The Indie kit features a beautiful blue sparkle ICE Custom Shop drum kit. This is a new kit that is hand-made using "old school" techniques and vintage Slingerland hardware. It is paired with an ultra-rare Premier Keith Moon signature "The Spirit of Lily" snare. Finally, we rounded out the kit with a carefully-chosen selection of cymbals from Paiste and Zildjian.

This kit has 30 outstanding presets making it easy to go from small and dry to loud and lush in one click! The tasty presets are made by fantastic producers including: Mark "Spike" Stent, Jagz Kooner, Elof Loelv, and many others. This kit also includes a tambourine with a variety of stroke types so you can create realistic performances with ease.
  • World-class studio and drum kit
  • All vintage mics and preamps
  • Recorded to 2" analog tape
  • :
  • 26x14" ICE Custom Shop
  • :
  • 14x5.5" Premier Keith Moon Signature
  • :
  • 13x10" ICE Custom Shop (tuned high)
  • 13x10" ICE Custom Shop (tuned low)
  • 16x16" ICE Custom Shop
  • 18x16" ICE Custom Shop
  • :
  • 15" Zildjian K Hihat
  • 16" Paiste 2002 Red Logo Crash
  • 18" Paiste Sign Full Crash
  • 19" Paiste 2002 Red Logo Crash
  • 22" Paiste 2002 Red Logo Ride
  • :
  • Rhythm Tech Tambourine (left-right hit)

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