X8 masterfully carves all their Djun Djuns (or Dununs) from single pieces of legally-harvested mahogany hardwood in order to produce the authentic sound of the African bass drum. These unique drums are typically played with the included sticks as a three-piece set: the 15" Dundunba produces the bass tone, the 12" Sangban produces the mid-range tone and the 10" Kenkeni produces the high tone. Stretched across the top and bottom are thick, high-quality cowhides held together with a two-ring mounting system and 5mm HTB non-stretch tuning rope.
  • Traditional African djun djun (or "dundun") drum carved from solid mahogany
  • Available in three sizes: 15" Dundunba, 12" Sangban and 10" Kenkeni
  • Thick, natural cowhide heads mounted with 2-ring system
  • 5mm HTB nylon rope tuning system
  • Includes wood sticks

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