The B8K-A 5-string resonator banjo, the anchor of the B8K-A Americana 5-String Resonator Banjo Pack, features an all-mahogany construction and natural finish that lets you enjoy the beauty of its natural woodgrain. The Remo top gives crisp, dry tone while its maple bridge with ebony tip and rosewood fingerboard adds to the warmth and projection. It's an exceptional instrument for the price. Rounding out the B8K-A Banjo Pack is a gig bag, pitch pipe, picks, instructional book and strap to get any beginner off to the right start.

Washburn has been building banjos since the late 1800s. Their early instruments were considered some of the finest of their day. Pros and amateurs alike chose a Washburn for its outstanding tone, build and value. This heritage is not lost in the instruments, like the handcrafted 5-string banjo included in the B8K Banjo Pak Washburn offers today. 

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