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[ Warm Audio ] WA-2A Optical Compressor - Reviewed By Creative Sound Labplay button

[ Warm Audio ] WA-2A Optical Compressor - Reviewed By Creative Sound Lab

FET vs Optical Compression - Vocal (Warm Audio WA 2A vs Warm Audio WA76)play button

FET vs Optical Compression - Vocal (Warm Audio WA 2A vs Warm Audio WA76)

Warm Audio

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The Warm Audio WA-2A Tube Opto Compressor faithfully recreates the iconic Teletronix LA-2A Leveling Amplifier in a rugged 2RU chassis. With an all-tube, completely discrete signal path and custom transformers, the WA-2A delivers the warm, smooth compression that has made the LA-2A a studio staple for decades.

All-Tube Design Provides Classic Tone

At the heart of the WA-2A are four premium vacuum tubes and an all-tube, fully discrete circuit design with no integrated circuits. This all-tube design, combined with custom Cinemag input and output transformers, gives the WA-2A a warm, musical sound with rich harmonics—the hallmark of sought-after vintage tube gear.

Legendary Optical Cell Handles Signals Gracefully

The WA-2A utilizes a genuine Kenetek opto-cell, considered by many audio engineers to be the finest optical attenuator available. This opto-cell, combined with carefully selected components and an intuitive control set, allows the WA-2A to gracefully handle vocals, bass, drums, and a wide range of other signals with a smooth, natural compression.

Intuitive Controls Make Dialing In Your Sound Easy

With just a few, simple controls, the WA-2A makes achieving a perfect sound easy. The Peak Reduction control allows you to set the amount of gain reduction, from a gentle leveling to more aggressive compression. The Output Gain control then allows you to adjust the output level to match the bypassed signal, enabling easy A/B comparisons.

Rugged Design Delivers Road-Worthy Performance

The WA-2A's rugged, hand-wired design is built to exacting standards in Austin, Texas. A heavy-duty steel chassis and high-quality components ensure years of reliable performance.

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  • Fully discrete signal path
  • Utilizes custom USA-made CineMag input and output transformers
  • Utilizes USA-made Kenetek opto attenuator
  • Premium Tung-Sol and Electro-Harmonix tubes
  • Variable Pre-emphasis, allows for compression high-pass filtering
  • Stereo-link capability
  • XLR and TRS balanced line level inputs - 600 ohms impedance
  • XLR and TRS balanced line level outputs - 600 ohms impedance
  • Frequency Response +/- 1dB, 15Hz to 20kHz
  • Gain: 40dB ±1dB
  • Input Level: +16dB maximum
  • Output Level: +10dB nominal, +16dB maximum
  • Distortion: Less than 0.1% THD at ±10dBm
  • Noise: -74dB
  • Attack Time: 10 milliseconds
  • Release Time: .06 seconds for 50% release; 0.5 to 5 seconds for complete release
  • Meter shows both dB gain reduction and dB output
  • Power: 115/230 volts (switchable), 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions: 19" Rackmount chassis, 2U, 19" x 7" x 3.5"
  • Weight: 12 lb.

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