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Product Spotlight: Freestyle Drumsticksplay button

Product Spotlight: Freestyle Drumsticks

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Vic Firth Drumsticks 101

Vic Firth

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The Vic Firth American Concept Freestyle 5A Drumsticks, revolutionary drumsticks that inspire unparalleled creativity and style. Drawing inspiration from freestyle longboarding's emphasis on flow and self-expression, these drumsticks feature an exaggerated 17" taper and length that provides drummers an expansive area to place their fulcrum, unlocking a world of tonal possibilities.

Double the Fulcrum for Ultimate Versatility

With more than double the area for drummers to place their fulcrum compared to standard drumsticks, the Freestyle 5A's open up a massive array of responses and feels. Drummers can lay back or choke up for more power and dynamic range, accessing the full tonal spectrum.

Carefully Matched for Consistent Performance

Vic Firth meticulously matches each pair of Freestyle 5A drumsticks by weight and pitch, ensuring drummers achieve a balanced sound and feel. The uniform, high-quality hickory provides consistency and durability for drummers at any skill level.

A Size for Every Playing Style

The Freestyle series comes in a range of sizes from 7A to 5B to suit drummers of all styles, from jazz to rock. The 5A model provides a versatile size for most drummers and playing situations.

Inspired Design and Protective Packaging

With an eye-catching spiral design and protective resealable packaging, the Freestyle 5A drumsticks make a stylish addition to any drummer's collection. The resealable bag protects the drumsticks and helps keep them straight until ready for use.

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