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Vic Firth Drumsticks 101

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Tim Yeung on the X5A Nylon

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American Classis "Extreme" Sticks

Vic Firth

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The Vic Firth American Classic Extreme X5A drumsticks deliver a winning combination of power, precision and performance. Trusted by professionals worldwide, Vic Firth has been crafting quality drumsticks for over 50 years. The X5A model provides rock and heavy-metal drummers with an extended reach and enhanced control. At 16-1⁄2" long and .580" in diameter, the X5A allows drummers to achieve a fuller, more pronounced sound.

Responsive Hickory Construction for Superior Sound

Vic Firth constructs the X5A from dense hickory wood, chosen for its ability to withstand heavy impact while producing a clear tone. The hickory wood transmits the subtlest nuances, allowing drummers to achieve a wide range of sounds. The X5A model's extended length and medium-small tip also provide added power and articulation.

Precision-Matched for Optimal Balance and Feel

Vic Firth precision-matches each pair of X5A drumsticks to within .01 ounce of each other, ensuring optimal balance, response and feel. The meticulous manufacturing process results in drumsticks that are perfectly weighted and balanced for the most sensitive playing experience. The X5A's durable lacquer finish protects the wood while preserving resonance.

A Trusted Choice for All Musical Styles

Whether you play rock, jazz, country or pop, Vic Firth offers high-quality drumsticks to suit any musical style. Vic Firth's American Classic line provides bold designs for a full range of sounds. The X5A model delivers enhanced power and articulation for drummers who want maximum reach and a robust sound.

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