With Vandoren's Optimum Ligature, youll find that more reeds perform to your expectations. - Unsurpassed performance and reliability. - Easily adjusts for any situation. - Expression with freedom. Three pressure plates provide the performer with more choices in tonal color and response. Check drop-down menu for availability.
  • Alto Ligature: Fits most standard hard rubber alto mouthpieces
  • Bari Ligature: Fits Vandoren bari mouthpieces only
  • Material: Gold lacquered
  • Screw Placement: Inverted
  • Soprano Ligature: Fits most standard hard rubber soprano mouthpieces
  • Tenor V16 Ligature: Fits Vandoren V16 tenor mouthpieces
  • Tenor V5 Ligature: Fits Vandoren V5 tenor mouthpieces

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