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Ultimate Acoustics Studio Bundle II provides everything you need to achieve professional-level sound control in your studio. This 24-piece kit supplies 24 square feet of acoustic coverage with 2" thick, 12" square panels that reduce unwanted reflections for a balanced, accurate sound. With 12 wedge-style panels and 12 bevel-style panels to choose from, you can get creative in designing an acoustic solution tailored to your space.

Tame Unwanted Reflections Across the Frequency Spectrum

The Studio Bundle II's 2" thick panels are optimized to absorb reflections from 125 Hz all the way up to 4,000 Hz, providing broad-spectrum sound control essential for mixing and monitoring accuracy. By reducing excess reverberation and flutter echo, you'll hear a tighter low end, clearer mids and more articulate highs—allowing you to make better-informed EQ and mic placement decisions.

Find the Right Balance of Absorption and Liveness

With a mix of wedge-style and bevel-style panels, you can balance sound absorption and natural room ambience to suit your needs. The wedge-style panels' angled faces provide more surface area, absorbing more high and mid-range frequencies. The bevel-style panels absorb a bit less, for a livelier room sound. Arrange the panels to create your ideal blend of absorption—tighten up the sound in some areas, while keeping other parts of the room more open and natural-sounding.

An Affordable Solution for Upgrading Your Studio's Acoustics

For less than the cost of a high-end microphone, the Studio Bundle II provides everything required to significantly improve the sound of your studio. With 24 panels covering 24 square feet, you'll have enough acoustic treatment to upgrade a small to mid-sized room. And because the kit requires no adhesives, installation is as simple as leaning the panels against walls—allowing you to easily rearrange the layout as needed to optimize your room's acoustics.

A Thoughtfully Designed Kit for Home and Project Studios

The Studio Bundle II is designed with home and project studios in mind, providing an all-in-one acoustic solution that's easy to set up and operate. The 12" square sizing strikes an ideal balance of surface area and maneuverability, allowing broad coverage without requiring a major construction project. And because the panels simply lean against walls, there's no damage to your space. When it's time to reconfigure or move into a new studio, just pick up the panels and go—no teardown required.

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  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Attractive

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  • Model Number: UA-KIT-SB2
  • Size: 12"x12"x2"
  • QTY: 24 Total
  • Design Style: Wedge x 12
  • Design Style: Bevel x 12
  • Color: Charcoal

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