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This Ultimate Acoustics acoustic bass trap bevel 2-pack provides professional-grade acoustic treatment for recording studios and home studios. Composed of high-density fiberglass, these bass traps effectively absorb low-end frequencies below 250Hz to tighten your room's frequency response and deliver balanced, articulate sound. Measuring 12"x12"x24", the beveled-edge traps fit flush in corners to maximize surface area without protruding into the room. These innovative bass traps are engineered to enhance sound quality and provide an ideal recording environment.

High-Density Fiberglass Construction Absorbs Low Frequencies

The Ultimate Acoustics acoustic bass trap features a high-density fiberglass core that absorbs resonant low frequencies, tightening your room's frequency response for balanced sound. The fiberglass traps frequencies below 250Hz, including troublesome modes that can cause boomy or muddy sound. By absorbing these frequencies, the bass traps create a neutral acoustic space ideal for recording and mixing.

Beveled-Edge Design Fits Flush in Corners

Shaped with beveled edges, the Ultimate Acoustics acoustic bass traps fit flush in room corners to maximize surface area without protruding into the space. Measuring 12"x12"x24", the bass traps provide 48 square feet of coverage per unit. The beveled design also allows the traps to be installed adjacent to each other in a corner for even greater coverage. The bass traps can be mounted using the included adhesive strips or screws for a permanent installation.

Creates an Ideal Recording Environment

By absorbing resonant low frequencies, this bass trap tightens your room's frequency response to provide balanced, articulate sound—ideal for recording and mixing. The bass traps help create a neutral acoustic space with a flat frequency response, allowing you to make mixing decisions with confidence. For professional-grade acoustic treatment and premium sound quality, the Ultimate Acoustics acoustic bass trap is an essential addition to any recording studio or home studio.

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  • Professional bass traps for controlling room nodes
  • Two per box
  • Color: Charcoal
  • Height: 24"
  • Design Style: Bevel

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  • Part Name: UA-BTB
  • Part Number: 17615
  • Height: 24"
  • Corner Bass Trap
  • Design Style: Bevel
  • Color: Charcoal

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