The Tube-Tech compressor CL 2A is a dual opto compressor with a gain reduction element, which have no long-term degradation and almost infinite life. This element are placed after the input-transformers of the compressors and followed by an all tube-based amplifier with a gain of 0 dB to +10 dB.
Thus the signal is not fed through any semiconductor circuitry on its way to the output.

The amplifier is based on two tubes (dual triodes) in push-pull configuration (one ECC 83 as a differential amplifier, and one ECC 82 as the output stage), and an output transformer. The power supply for the differential amplifiers is stabilized and the heaters of all four tubes are fed with a stabilized DC voltage.
The two amplifiers (including input and output transformer) and the power supplies are placed on one PC-board. Both input and output are balanced and fully floating. The compressors are switched in and out via two relays (click less).

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