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The Taurus T-Di Bass Engine Mk2 is a bass preamp, compressor, and DI box in one effect pedal. It has all the controls of an amplifier and provides a solid and powerful bass sound. On stage, you can use it to shape your tone and boost your amplifier. In the studio, you can connect it directly to a mixing console. And at home, you connect it to hi-fi equipment. It also functions as a DI box with XLR out.

With their built-in compressor you can really control your sound. Combined with the Character knob, you can really dial in a vintage tube compression sound or go for a more modern solid state punchy sound.

The Taurus MLO System offers groundbreaking possibilities, supporting intuitively your choice and changes to the sound. The design is very intuitive and user-friendly, leaving you with only two knobs: bass and treble. The MLO system ensures the same output volume no matter the position of the tone controls. You only hear the change to the tone while the volume remains unchanged.

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  • Bass preamp, compressor and DI box in one
  • Level, Character, Gain, Treble and Bass controls
  • Triple Bass and Triple Treble switches cut or boost Bass/Treble
  • Punch and Footswitch Mode buttons
  • Works with 9–12 V power supply
  • DC assistant protects from loss of signal
  • Subsonic filter cuts-off very low frequencies which have an adverse impact on the proper work of the speakers

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