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The Vibraclone Rotary Pedal from TC Electronic brings the warm, swirling sound of a rotary speaker cabinet to your pedalboard. With authentic emulation of rotary horns, drums and cabinets, the Vibraclone delivers lush, vintage rotary tones at your feet. The pedal features flexible Speed control to dial in the rate of rotation effect. Switch between slow and fast rotary speeds with the dedicated footswitch for dramatic shifts in tone mid-performance. Based on all-analog circuitry, the Vibraclone imparts organic, tube-like sound. When disengaged, the pedal's true bypass design ensures your tone remains unaffected. Housed in a compact, lightweight chassis, the Vibraclone is ideal for guitarists and keyboardists seeking portable rotary speaker saturation.

Shape Your Tone With Flexible Rotary Speed Control

The Vibraclone allows you to shape the intensity of the rotary effect to suit your needs. The Speed knob sets the baseline rate of rotation, going from a subtle thickening to a more pronounced warble. With the dedicated Slow/Fast footswitch, you can instantly drop down to a slower, dreamy modulation or ramp it up for a more dramatic helicopter-style sound. Whether you're looking for a touch of movement or something more extreme, the Vibraclone puts rotary control at your feet.

All-Analog Circuitry for Organic Tube Tone

Based on all-analog circuitry, the Vibraclone imparts the lush, warm tonality of classic tube-driven amps and speakers. The analog design brings a touch of desirable nonlinearity that digital can't quite capture. From subtle chorusing to fast, pulsating rotary effects, the Vibraclone enriches your tone with organic vintage vibe. Dial in anything from subtle movement to seasick warble with the authentic analog sound of yesteryear.

True Bypass for Transparent Tone

When you want your unaffected tone to shine, the Vibraclone gets out of the way. The pedal features a true bypass design that routes your signal around the effect circuitry when disengaged. This preserves the integrity and transparency of your original tone, without any loss of high end or added noise. With the stomp of your foot, engage the swirling rotary effect. Stomp again and it's gone. The Vibraclone makes it easy to integrate rotary speaker emulation into your rig without compromising your core sound.

TC Electronic Vibraclone Rotary Effects Pedal
TC Electronic Vibraclone Rotary Effects Pedal
TC Electronic Vibraclone Rotary Effects Pedal

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  • Dynamic emulation of the classic Vibratone* Rotating Speaker
  • Easy to use 2-knob interface controlling intensity of speed and drive
  • Toggle switch lets you choose between vintage-sounding Chorale or Tremelo setting
  • True bypass for ultimate signal integrity
  • “Built-like-a-tank” metal chassis

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