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TC Electronic Rush Booster Effect Pedal

TC Electronic

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The TC Electronic Rush Booster pedal provides guitarists with an impressively clean and transparent boost for solos and accentuating rhythms. Designed with an all-analog circuit, the Rush Booster delivers a rich, organic boost up to 20dB to highlight your tone. With its true bypass design, the pedal maintains your core guitar tone when disengaged. The Rush Booster's streamlined interface features a single knob for boost level, making it simple to dial in anything from a subtle volume lift to a roaring boost. This compact pedal has a durable enclosure and top-mounted jacks to conserve space on your pedalboard. Best of all, it comes at a budget-friendly price point.

All-Analog Circuitry Keeps Your Tone Organic

Inside the Rush Booster is an all-analog circuit that provides a rich, transparent boost. With no digital processing or modeling, the analog design preserves the organic qualities of your tone. Whether you want to push your amp into natural overdrive or raise your level for solos, the analog circuit gives up to 20dB of boost while retaining the true character of your guitar and amp. The Rush Booster simply enhances what you already have.

One Knob Controls the Clean Boost

A single knob on the Rush Booster controls the entire boost range, keeping operation simple. Just set the knob to the desired amount of transparent boost, up to 20dB. Turn it clockwise for louder lead lines that cut through the mix. Back it off for just a touch of volume lift. With one knob, you can quickly dial in anything from a subtle push to a roaring boost when you dig in.

Get up to 20dB of Transparent Clean Boost

With up to 20dB of boost on tap, the Rush Booster provides plenty of volume for pushing your amp into natural overdrive or making your leads soar above the mix. The wide frequency response ensures boosted tones retain their clarity and organic character—no harshness or artificial-sounding artifacts. Whether you need a subtle volume lift for rhythm playing or serious boost for wailing leads, the Rush Booster has the transparent clean boost you need.

Lift Your Tone With True Bypass

The Rush Booster pedal features a true bypass design that ensures complete tonal transparency when the pedal is off. Your signal flows directly from input to output with no tampering of EQ or tone suck. Once engaged, the pedal boosts your signal without altering your core guitar tone. You get your natural tone, just louder. The true bypass makes the Rush Booster an excellent choice for players who want a clean boost without tonal coloration.

TC Electronic Rush Booster Effect Pedal
TC Electronic Rush Booster Effect Pedal
TC Electronic Rush Booster Effect Pedal

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  • Ultra-transparent clean boost
  • Discrete analog circuit with 20 dB of gain
  • True bypass and top-mounted I/O

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