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The TC-Helicon PowerPlug 9 is a dedicated 9V power supply designed to seamlessly power TC guitar pedals for noise-free operation. With versatile compatibility for a range of TC effects pedals, the PowerPlug 9 provides clean, consistent 9V DC power to ensure your tone stays pure. Its safety-minded housing protects the power supply from bumps and scuffs during transport or rough handling between gigs. Running on 100V to 240V AC voltage, the PowerPlug 9 can handle worldwide power standards for maximum flexibility. For guitarists and bassists needing reliable, dedicated power for TC effects, the PowerPlug 9 is an ideal solution.

Versatile Compatibility for TC Effects Pedals

The PowerPlug 9 is purpose-built to power a wide range of TC Electronic and TC-Helicon guitar and bass effects pedals. Providing a regulated 9V DC output, it seamlessly connects to your TC pedal's power input for noise-free operation. Whether you need dedicated power for your PolyTune tuner, Hall Of Fame reverb or Corona Chorus, the PowerPlug 9 has you covered. Its 670mA current easily meets the demands of even current-hungry pedals like the Nova Repeater or Flashback delay. With the PowerPlug 9, you can conveniently power your TC pedalboard without the headaches of daisy chaining adapters or batteries.

Durable Housing and Circuitry for Consistent Performance

With its durable ABS housing, the PowerPlug 9 stands up to the rigors of handling, transport and repeated plugging/unplugging. The reinforced barrel connector maintains a secure connection to your pedal's power jack over time. Inside, quality components and circuitry ensure the PowerPlug 9 provides clean, consistent 9V DC power show after show. Thermal and short circuit protection offer peace of mind that your pedals are getting stable current with no unexpected power spikes or drops.

Global Compatibility With 100V to 240V Input

Thanks to its universal AC input voltage range, the PowerPlug 9 can handle anywhere from 100V to 240V. That makes it suitable for worldwide use, whether you're touring overseas or just plugging in at different venues. With the PowerPlug 9, you don't have to worry about fried power supplies or voltage mismatches. Just plug it into any standard wall outlet, connect to your TC pedal and you're ready to play.

TC Electronic PowerPlug 9
TC Electronic PowerPlug 9

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