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The TC Electronic Pipeline Tap Tremolo pedal brings together the best of classic tremolo tones and contemporary features. With the Pipeline Tap Tremolo, you can recreate those iconic vintage tremolo sounds, as well as craft your own modern rhythmic tremolo patterns.

Shape Vintage and Modern Tremolo Sounds

The Pipeline Tap Tremolo lets you easily shift between warm, vintage sine waves and punchy square waveforms. The dedicated Vintage/Square switch makes it simple to go from smooth sixties surf to more aggressive punk or metal tremolo effects. Additionally, the tap tempo function coupled with seven subdivision options allow you to perfectly sync up the tremolo to match the tempo of your music.

Customize Your Own Tremolo Patterns

With the Pipeline Tap Tremolo, you're not limited to preset tremolo patterns. The pedal's Custom mode lets you program your own unique tremolo rhythm across up to four bars, opening up creative options for everything from pulsing dubstep to robotic accents. Use the free TonePrint Editor to sequence different subdivisions like 8th notes, 16th notes or 32nd notes in any combination you like.

Sync Tempo with Tap and Subdivision

Getting into the groove is effortless with the Pipeline Tap Tremolo. The onboard tap tempo function lets you use your foot to easily set the perfect tremolo speed in time with your music. The Subdivision knob further divides your tapped tempo into seven different rhythmic feels, from slow pulses to rapid flutters.

Deep Tone Customization with TonePrint

The Pipeline Tap Tremolo goes far beyond standard tremolo with TC Electronic's TonePrint technology. TonePrint gives you access to preset artist tremolo tones, along with the ability to create your own presets using the TonePrint Editor. For example, blend two tremolo waves together for intricate new patterns. The options are practically endless.

TC Electronic Pipeline Tap Tremolo Effects Pedal
TC Electronic Pipeline Tap Tremolo Effects Pedal
TC Electronic Pipeline Tap Tremolo Effects Pedal

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  • Vintage and Square Modes
  • Tap Tempo
  • Customizeable tremolo shapes and sequences

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  • Top-notch and innovative tremolo pedal
  • Choose from 7 different singular or combined subdivisions to custom tailor your waves
  • Adjust 4 different subdivisions in succession with inventive Rhythmic Sequencer to create cool patterns
  • Vintage mode offers carefully sculpted American style amp-tremolo for classic sounds
  • Square mode produces a hard tremolo for more aggressive and modern sounds
  • TonePrint Technology enables a wealth of previously unobtainable tremolo-tones
  • Intuitive controls featuring Speed, Depth, Volume, Subdivisions and toggle switch between modes
  • Footswitch lets you tap tempo to desired tremolo speed
  • True bypass allows for optimum clarity and zero high-end loss when the pedal is off
  • 3-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in Denmark

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