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The TC Electronic Hall Of Fame 2 x4 Reverb Pedal takes ambient effects to new heights with its wealth of pro-grade algorithms and hands-on sound manipulation. Designed for guitarists who want to take their reverbs further, this pedal packs an arsenal of deep, rich reverbs plus innovative ways to morph your sound in real time. Dial in shimmering textures, cavernous spaces and swollen atmospheres with the turn of a knob, then grab hold of the four MASH footswitches to warp and transform your reverb as you play. Each of the four MASH switches toggles between different preset reverbs while also controlling up to three parameters based on how hard you press. This lets you smoothly transition between verbs and shape the sound using your foot. The pedal also includes two preset banks, allowing access to eight different reverb tones at your feet. From classic Hall and Room reverbs to the mind-bending Shimmer effect, this pedal comes loaded with professional studio-quality algorithms to cover any musical need.

Morph Your Reverb on the Fly With MASH Footswitches

The four MASH footswitches give you hands-on control to take your reverbs into uncharted territory. Not only does each MASH switch toggle between four different preset reverbs, they also let you manipulate up to three parameters for each preset based on how hard you press down. This makes it easy to smoothly morph the tone and texture of the reverb in real time - from a subtle touch to a hard stomp. For example, you could set one MASH switch to transition from a bright, fast decay to a dark, swelling ambience by pressing harder. The MASH switches open up possibilities for crafting reverbs that respond expressively to your playing.

Deep Editing With TonePrint and Onboard Tweaking

In addition to the MASH switches, the Hall Of Fame 2 x4 lets you customize your reverbs in other ways too. It comes equipped with six TonePrint slots, allowing you to save your favorite TonePrints created on the TonePrint app or editor. Using the app, you can even beam TonePrints directly into the pedal through your guitar's pickup. Further tweaking options come from the knobs for Decay, Tone and FX Level, which let you put your signature touch on any preset reverb. The pedal also features true bypass or buffered bypass operation, plus an analog dry through to maintain your pure guitar tone at all times.

Packed With Rich, Professional Reverb Types

While the Hall Of Fame 2 x4 invites creativity, it also delivers a stellar set of reverbs to start with. The pedal comes loaded with ten different algorithms spanning classic reverbs like Hall and Room to spacious new effects like the Shimmer reverb, which uses a polyphonic octave effect for otherworldly textures. Having a wealth of professional-grade reverbs on tap means you'll always have the perfect ambience for any style or song. Other standout modes include the epic Cathedral reverb, churning Vintage reverb, the reflective Slapback delay plus a specially designed reverb for acoustic guitar. With the addition of two preset banks, the pedal provides access to eight different studio-ready reverbs at your feet.

TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 X4 Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal
TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 X4 Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal
TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 X4 Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal

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  • Famous reverb pedal with 4 pressure-sensitive footswitches for complete control of ambience
  • 4 MASH footswitches let you toggle between reverb sounds instantly
  • New Shimmer reverb uses SUB 'N' UP OCTAVER algorithm for other-worldly sounds
  • Preset bank switch lets you easily access up to 8 stored reverb presets
  • 10 quality reverb types plus 6 TonePrint slots that let you store effects and artist TonePrints
  • Pre-delay knob for fine tuning reverb response time provides total reverb control
  • MASH footswitches give you powerful effect-specific real-time parameter control
  • Craft reverbs and assign MASH functionality with free TonePrint App (PC, Mac*, iPhone*, Android* and iPad*)
  • Works flawlessly with both guitar and FX loop level signals
  • Expression pedal and MIDI inputs let you control parameters and switch presets remotely
  • Mono and Stereo inputs and outputs give optimal versatility
  • Analog-Dry-Through maintains integrity of analog dry signal path even when reverb is on
  • Designed and engineered in Denmark

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