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Grand Magus Distortion - Official Product Video

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Smorgasbord of Tones - all pedals

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TC Electronic Grand Magus Distortion Effect Pedal

TC Electronic

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The TC Electronic Grand Magus Distortion pedal delivers the warm, organic distortion tones and natural tube compression that define classic rock guitar sounds. Blending vintage and modern distortion flavors, the Grand Magus allows you to sculpt your tone, from Hendrix-style fuzz to the saturated distortion of Slash. With its wide gain range, you can go from a slight edge to massive high-gain distortion with a twist of the Rock knob. The Grand Magus preserves your core tone with its true bypass switching, ensuring your signal remains pristine even when the pedal is off. Housed in a sturdy metal enclosure, the Grand Magus is built tough for the rigors of touring and gigging.

Warmth and Sag of a Roaring Tube Amp

Nothing captures the soul of rock and roll like a tube amp turned up to 11. The Grand Magus pedal replicates that rich harmonic character and dynamic response. Its organic distortion reacts like a living, breathing tube amp. As you dig in, the Grand Magus compresses naturally and sags just like a tube power amp. From clean boost to saturated distortion, you'll get smooth, responsive breakup and singing sustain.

Recreate Iconic Rock Tones With Organic Distortion

The Grand Magus captures the warm, rich distortion of a tube amp pushed to its limits. Its organic distortion tones let you recreate those iconic rock sounds, from the singing sustain of David Gilmour to the raucous distortion of Angus Young. Dial in the amount of gain you need, from a hint of breakup to saturated lead tones. The Grand Magus responds like a great tube amp, with natural compression adding thickness and sustain to your playing.

Shape Your Sound Across Eras of Rock

With its flexible EQ shaping, the Grand Magus distortion allows you to craft tones from different eras of rock music. Cut treble for a dark, vintage distortion or boost highs for a modern, crisp drive sound. The tight low end keeps your tone defined even at extreme gain settings. Find your signature sound among the multitude of rock tones available in this versatile distortion pedal.

Maintain Your Tone With True Bypass

The Grand Magus Distortion features a true bypass design that keeps your signal pure even when the pedal is disengaged. That means your tone remains unaffected, with no loss of highs or added noise. You get great distortion when you want it and your unadulterated guitar tone when you don't.

TC Electronic Grand Magus Distortion Effect Pedal
TC Electronic Grand Magus Distortion Effect Pedal
TC Electronic Grand Magus Distortion Effect Pedal

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  • Natural tube-like distortion
  • Wide gain range – with a rich and tight tonal character
  • True Bypass and Top-mounted jacks

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