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The TC Electronic Gauss Tape Echo guitar pedal brings back the warm, saturated sound of analog tape delay in a stompbox built for guitarists and bassists. With its intuitive controls and true bypass switching, the Gauss Tape Echo gives you vintage delay tones and textures without compromising your core tone.

Get Vintage Tape Echo Tones

The Gauss Tape Echo pedal delivers the highly desirable sound of vintage tape echo units, like the pioneering Roland Space Echo, in a compact stompbox format designed for guitarists and bassists. From short slapback effects to long, spaced-out delays, the Gauss pedal imparts the warm, saturated sound of analog delay. The repeats gradually lose high end and clarity, just as with vintage tape echoes. Whether you're looking to add dimension to clean tones or ambience to overdriven sounds, the Gauss Tape Echo serves up organic, vintage-flavored delay.

Shape Your Delay Tones With Ease

Getting great tape delay effects is easy with the Gauss Tape Echo's straightforward interface. The Delay knob adjusts the time between echoes from a tight slapback to a long, spaced-out delay. The Sustain knob controls feedback to make the echoes repeat longer or fade out quickly. The Volume knob sets the mix between the delayed signal and your dry guitar tone. Whether you want a subtle touch of echo or totally washed-out sound, the Gauss makes dialing it in simple.

Add Chorus-Flavored Movement With the Mod Switch

Flick the Mod switch on the Gauss Tape Echo and your repeats get a lush, chorus-like movement that thickens up the tone beautifully. It's a great way to go from a vintage tape echo sound to something more unique. The modulation effect interacts with the delay time and sustain settings, letting you craft sounds that range from a mild warble to seasick pitch wavering.

True Bypass Keeps Your Tone Intact

The Gauss Tape Echo features a true bypass switching circuit that routes your guitar signal around the pedal's circuitry when it's off. That means you get zero signal loss or tone sucking when the pedal isn't engaged. Your dry guitar tone comes through loud and clear.

TC Electronic Gauss Echo Effects Pedal
TC Electronic Gauss Echo Effects Pedal
TC Electronic Gauss Echo Effects Pedal

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  • Responsive pedal faithfully reproduces every saturated nuance of a tape echo machine
  • 3-knob interface allows intuitive control of delay time, sustain and volume
  • Mod switch lets you convert your signal to warm tape echo sounds
  • True bypass for ultimate signal integrity
  • “Built-like-a-tank” metal chassis

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