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The Fluorescence Shimmer Reverb pedal from TC Electronic bathes your tone in lush, shimmering ambience for a dreamlike playing experience. Its analog circuitry delivers rich, organic reverb with vintage character that adds dimension to your sound. With the Fluorescence, you can easily craft soundscapes from subtle ambience to cavernous spaces.

Immerse Yourself in Organic Reverb With Analog Circuitry

The Fluorescence gets its inviting analog tone from an all-analog signal path, giving your guitar, synth or vocals a smooth, natural sheen. From slight thickening to infinite decay, the pedal imparts an organic quality that digital effects sometimes lack. Dial in hall-like reverbs or short slapback echoes at the turn of a knob. With the Fluorescence's warm, vintage vibe, you can enhance your tone without losing its essence.

Rise Above With Lush, Shimmering Overtones

In addition to its organic reverbs, the Fluorescence generates angelic shimmer effects. It uses pitch-shifting technology to layer your original dry signal with an upper octave, filling out the reverb tail with dreamy overtones. From adding subtle sparkle to fully immersing yourself in the stratosphere, the pedal's shimmer function transports your imagination. Let your guitar take flight into the heavens.

True Bypass Keeps Your Tone Intact

The Fluorescence features a true bypass design that keeps your core dry tone pure and uncolored. When the pedal is bypassed, your signal flows directly from input to output for unaffected tone and articulation. Keep your original sound crisp and clean, engaging the Fluorescence only when you want to add its signature sheen.

TC Electronic Flourescence Reverb Effects Pedal
TC Electronic Flourescence Reverb Effects Pedal
TC Electronic Flourescence Reverb Effects Pedal

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  • Shimmering, super-bright reverb pedal sends you straight to shoegaze heaven
  • Effortlessly create celestial reverb sounds
  • Intuitive 4-knob interface including dedicated shimmer knob
  • True bypass for ultimate signal integrity
  • “Built-like-a-tank” metal chassis

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