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TC Electronic

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The TC Electronic Ditto X4 looper pedal brings impressive creative potential to looping performances with dual stereo loop tracks. With the Ditto X4, layer guitar parts, vocal harmonies, percussion tracks and more to build complex arrangements. Sync and serial loop modes provide flexibility in how loops interact, while MIDI sync keeps layered parts aligned to tempo. Shape your loops with natural decay simulation or make them evolve with 7 effects like reverse and half speed. An intuitive interface with backlit LCD display makes realtime creation accessible. Take your looping to the next level with the dual track creativity of the TC Electronic Ditto X4.

Craft Multi-Layered Loops With Dual Stereo Tracks

Unlock more creative possibilities in your looping with the Ditto X4's dual stereo loop tracks. Record distinct parts like rhythms, leads and harmonies on separate tracks for dense arrangements. Pan each track left or right to build a spacious stereo field. With 5 minutes of loop recording time, you have room for long form jamming and soundscapes. The dual tracks let you build performances not possible with a single loop, taking audience-wowing guitar loops to the next level.

Sync and Serial Modes For Total Looping Flexibility

Choose from sync and serial modes to determine how the Ditto X4's two loop tracks interact. Sync mode lets you start and stop both loops together, perfect for layering parts that need tight alignment. Serial mode chains the loops so track 2 starts when track 1 ends, ideal for verse/chorus performances. Get creative blending both modes to suit your realtime looping needs. The flexibility empowers you to capture your musical ideas without technical limitations.

Refine Loops with Decay, Reverse, Half Speed and More

Shape and transform loops in exciting ways with the Ditto X4's 7 onboard effects. Add natural decay to fade loops out gradually with the loop decay knob. Dramatically reverse a loop or slow it down to half speed. Use Octave Down and Up effects to change loop pitch and harmony. Further tweak tone with filters and a ducker effect that automatically lowers loop volume when you play over it. The possibilities are endless for crafting ever-evolving loops.

MIDI Sync Aligns Looped Layers

For loop layers that groove in perfect time, the Ditto X4 provides MIDI sync. Connect to MIDI-enabled devices like drum machines and sync the looper with clock data. Both loops remain quantized to the same tempo for harmonized arrangements. Align guitar loops with synth arpeggios and drum machine beats without drift or timing issues. The Ditto X4 integrates seamlessly into any MIDI rig.

TC Electronic Ditto X4 Looper Effects Pedal
TC Electronic Ditto X4 Looper Effects Pedal
TC Electronic Ditto X4 Looper Effects Pedal

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