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The TC Electronic Crescendo Auto Swell pedal lets you infuse your playing with emotive, violin-like swells. With the TC Electronic Crescendo, you can easily add beautiful, smooth crescendos and decrescendos to chords, single notes and riffs. The Crescendo pedal features intuitive Sensitivity and Attack knobs so you can precisely tailor the responsiveness and swell speed to your liking. This compact pedal has a rugged design built to withstand years of stomping. Power it with a 9V battery or an optional power supply.

Shape Dramatic Volume Swells With Ease

Creating gradual, expressive volume swells by hand can be difficult to control and master. With the Crescendo pedal, you can effortlessly introduce lush, violin-like swells into your guitar playing. Just step on the pedal to engage the effect and play as normal. The Crescendo will swell in the notes or chords you play, then taper off smoothly. It's a great way to make single note runs more vocal and to add movement and dynamics to chord progressions. The Sensitivity and Attack knobs let you fine tune the response and swell speed to perfectly complement your playing style and the desired effect.

Dial In Optimal Sensitivity and Attack

Tailor the pedal's responsiveness using the intuitive Sensitivity and Attack knobs. The Sensitivity sets the threshold for triggering swells. Turn it clockwise for more sensitivity to pick up subtler playing dynamics. The Attack knob controls the swell speed. Rotate it clockwise for faster swells or counter-clockwise for longer, more gradual crescendos. With the ability to fine-tune these parameters, you can adapt the Crescendo to everything from aggressive riffing to delicate fingerstyle playing.

From TC Electronic's TonePrint Series

The Crescendo Auto Swell is part of TC Electronic's TonePrint series. TonePrint pedals come loaded with different presets designed by top guitarists. Using the TonePrint app, you can beam new TonePrints to the pedal via your mobile device. This allows you to try out presets from acclaimed guitarists and find new creative ways to use the pedal. The Crescendo gives you an always-expanding palette of lush swell effects.

TC Electronic Crescendo Auto Swell Effects Pedal
TC Electronic Crescendo Auto Swell Effects Pedal
TC Electronic Crescendo Auto Swell Effects Pedal

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  • Lets you create rolling and powerful volume swells
  • Instantly accessible 2-knob interface featuring sensitivity and attack
  • Controls attack time to create almost violin-like guitar lines
  • True bypass for ultimate signal integrity
  • “Built-like-a-tank” metal chassis