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The TC Electronic Choka Tremolo pedal brings the pulsing, shimmering sound of classic amp tremolo to your pedalboard. With its all-analog signal path, the Choka delivers organic, warm vintage tremolo tones. An intuitive 3-knob interface lets you dial in speed, depth and waveform shape with ease. The Choka features sine, triangle and square waves for a broad range of modulation flavors. Morph seamlessly between waveforms to craft your ideal tremolo texture.

Shape Your Tremolo Tone With 3 Waveforms

The Choka Tremolo offers a choice of sine, triangle and square waveforms, each with its own distinctive character. The sine wave rolls off the volume smoothly for a gentle, surging modulation. Switch to the triangle wave for more pronounced swells and dips. For choppy, rhythmic pulsations, turn to the square wave. With the waveform knob, you can morph between all three waves to craft just the right tremolo texture for your tone.

Dial In Speed and Depth With Ease

Two dedicated knobs give you hands-on control of the Choka's speed and depth. Crank up the speed for a rapid, shimmering effect or back it off for a slow, hypnotic undulation. The depth knob sets how heavily the volume dips and rises - go subtle for a hint of movement or push it all the way for dramatic pulsations. With this intuitive layout, it's simple to craft both standard tremolo effects and more extreme textures.

True Bypass Keeps Your Tone Pure

The Choka features a true bypass design that keeps your signal path pure when the pedal is off. This prevents any unnatural coloring of your tone, ensuring the Choka never muddies up your sound. Once engaged, the Choka's all-analog circuitry imparts only the warmth and character you'd expect from a great vintage-flavored tremolo effect.

TC Electronic Choka Tremolo Effects Pedal
TC Electronic Choka Tremolo Effects Pedal
TC Electronic Choka Tremolo Effects Pedal

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  • Versatile and authentic all-analog tremolo pedal
  • Classic 3-knob design allows you to control speed and depth
  • Seamlessly morph between soft and hard LFO styles
  • True bypass for ultimate signal integrity
  • “Built-like-a-tank” metal chassis

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