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The TC Electronic Brainwaves Pitch Shifter brings pro-level pitch effects to your pedalboard. With its dual, independent pitch shifting voices, you can conjure up everything from subtle detune to radical 2-octave shifts, all with pristine audio quality. The pedal's streamlined interface makes it easy to dial in lush harmonies, robotic voices, dive bombs, whale sounds and more. But where the Brainwaves really stands out is its groundbreaking MASH footswitch. This innovative control lets you bend pitches and manipulate any parameter in real time simply by pressing down. From warping leads to crafting alien soundscapes, the possibilities are endless. The small footprint means the Brainwaves can fit on even the most crowded 'board. For guitarists, vocalists and other creative souls, this compact pedal opens up new dimensions of expression.

Sculpt Sound With Revolutionary MASH Footswitch

At the heart of the Brainwaves sits the revolutionary MASH footswitch. This pressure-sensitive control lets you continuously manipulate pitches and effects in a musical, organic way as you play. Just press down to warp the sound, then ease off to return to normal. Assign it to shift pitch for jaw-dropping leads and dive bombs. Or have it control rate and depth for alien modulation effects. You can even create sample-and-hold patterns by lightly pulsing the footswitch. MASH opens up a world of real-time sound shaping that responds to your touch.

Summon Huge Pitch Shifts and Lush Harmonies

Under the hood, the Brainwaves leverages TC's studio-grade shifting algorithms to produce stunning pitch effects. It features two independent voices, each with a range from 2 octaves down to 2 octaves up. Dial in ringing 5ths and octaves, robotic voices, dive bomb swoops, whale calls and more. Each voice has its own set of controls so you can have one voice doing subtle detune while another jumps between octaves. And with the MASH footswitch, you can continuously bend those pitches for radical pitch effects. Whether you want to fatten up leads or completely transform your tone, the Brainwaves delivers.

Intuitive Interface Keeps You in the Creative Zone

The Brainwaves is designed to inspire creativity, not complexity. Its streamlined interface makes it easy to shape pitches and textures on the fly. Dedicated knobs give you hands-on control of shift amount, tone and output level for each independent voice. Global Tone and Mix knobs help you dial in the overall sound. And the MASH footswitch makes it simple to warp the sound in real time. The compact enclosure with top-mounted jacks saves precious pedalboard space. For guitarists, vocalists and all creative performers, the Brainwaves Pitch Shifter unlocks new dimensions of expression.

TC Electronic Brainwaves Pitch Shifter Effects Pedal
TC Electronic Brainwaves Pitch Shifter Effects Pedal
TC Electronic Brainwaves Pitch Shifter Effects Pedal

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