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The TASCAM TH-300X Studio Headphones provide the pristine, uncolored sound that audio engineers and musicians demand, along with robust power handling and sound isolation for recording and live monitoring. The closed-back design blocks outside noise and prevents sound from bleeding into microphones, eliminating feedback. Plush leatherette ear pads and an adjustable padded headband deliver comfort for hours of wear. No matter the volume, the TH-300X can handle high power levels without distortion. Large drivers supply impactful bass, with treble that remains precise without harshness during long recording sessions. The included 1/8"-to-1/4" adapter ensures compatibility with any gear, and gold-plated connectors prevent signal degradation for years.

Accurate, Powerful Sound

The TH-300X provides a balanced, articulate sound profile suited for critical listening. 45mm drivers deliver tight, extended bass, transparent midrange and airy, shimmering highs. A wide, expansive soundstage gives recordings a sense of space and depth. The headphones handle high volume levels with ease due to their high power rating, all without audible distortion for an authentic listening experience.

Superior Isolation and Comfort

The closed-back design of the TH-300X prevents sound from escaping and blocks outside noise from entering for superior isolation. This is ideal for overdubbing, tracking vocals, and any application where microphone bleed could be problematic. The padded leatherette ear cups and adjustable headband provide cushioning to ensure comfort during long sessions, with minimal fatigue.

Versatile Connectivity and Accessories

With included 1/4" and 1/8" adapters, the TH-300X can connect to virtually any audio source from studio gear to personal devices.

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Tape machines - 90 day warranty; one year parts warranty.
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