The new Stage Master Double Braced snare drum stand features a universal gearless tilter. This tilter holds the snare basket securely in place using metal plate friction instead of traditional gears. As well, the snare basket can be adjusted to any desired angle to achieve the most comfortable playing position. The HS40WN features the Swivel Basket, which enables the snare basket to rotate independently, allowing the strainer to be placed in any position.
  • For 12" to 15" Diameter Snare Drums
  • 25.4 mm Diameter Base Section Tubing
  • Universal Gearless Tilter
  • Escape Claw
  • Swiveling Basket
  • Double Braced Legs
  • Weight: 2.5kg (5.8 lb.)
  • Height Adjustment Range: 470 mm - 630 mm (18 1/2" – 24 13/16")