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Tama SPEED COBRA 900 DOUBLEplay button



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The Tama Speed Cobra 910 Double Bass Drum Pedal, engineered for drummers seeking to push the limits of speed, precision, and performance. The revamped HP910LWN starts with Tama's innovative Cobra Coil pedal spring, which instantly returns the footboard to the original position after each kick for fluid, rapid-fire action. Tama enhanced the pedal with a wider baseplate and frame for unshakable stability on stage, while the robust hinge guard block protects the pedal through the most intense playing. For a smooth, precise double bass drum pedal that will never hold you back, the Tama Speed Cobra 910 is the choice.

Cobra Coil Spring Provides Lightning-Fast Action

At the heart of the Speed Cobra 910 is Tama's Cobra Coil spring, which pushes the footboard back to the original position after each strike for fast, effortless action. The spring allows drummers to achieve high speeds with minimal lag time between notes for tight, rapid-fire bass drum work. The spring mechanism, combined with the pedal's longer footboard, provides maximum speed and power throughout the pedal's stroke.

Super Stabilizer Baseplate Eliminates Slippage

The Speed Cobra 910 features Tama's Super Stabilizer baseplate—a wider platform and frame that anchors the pedal to the floor for rock-solid stability. The reinforced base prevents the pedal from slipping or shifting during intense playing, allowing drummers to achieve high speeds with confidence and control. At each pedal's heel, a durable 3-piece hinge guard block provides a sturdy pivot point and slightly lengthens the footboards for enhanced speed and control.

LiteSprocket Cam and Speedo-Ring Rocker Cam Maximize Smoothness

The Speed Cobra 910 incorporates Tama's LiteSprocket symmetrical cam, which uses a double chain to connect the footboards and provide equal power and smooth action in both directions. The innovative cam design, coupled with the longer footboards, enables maximum speed and control. The Speedo-Ring rocker cam eliminates friction using a built-in ball bearing, enabling free and effortless footboard motion for unparalleled smoothness and speed.

Additional Features and Accessories

The HP910LWN comes with Tama's redesigned Accu-Strike Cobra beater for powerful, precise strikes and an enhanced sound. The pedal also includes Tama's Para-Clamp II Pro, which securely attaches the pedal to bass drum hoops without slipping or scratching the hoop's finish. A custom hardshell case provides durable protection for transporting the pedal between gigs.

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • Long footboards
  • LiteSprocket
  • Quick-Hook spring attachments
  • FASTBALL bearings
  • Cobra Coil return springs
  • Speedo-Ring rocker cams
  • Swivel Spring Tight tension post
  • Accu-Strike Cobra Beater
  • Para-Clamp II Pro
  • 3pc Hinged Guard Block
  • Super Stabilizer Design
  • Hard shell carrying case included

collapse expand iconWarranty

Wood hoops - 30 day warranty.
All hardware (metal hoops) and shell finish - One year warranty.
Shells - 5 year warranty.