The simple and sweet TAMA Club-JAM Mini 2-piece shell pack is just a snare and 18" kick. Its clear yet deep sound from the mersawa/poplar hybrid shell is just right for those small and intimate gigs. Its compact size and configuration fit comfortably at any small venue or street show.

The drum bag set for this kit allows for smooth transportation (sold separately). If one needs to configure it as a regular drum kit, also available are add-on drums including the 7"x10" tom tom with attachment and a 7"x14" floor tom.

  • Includes 7"x18" bass drum and 5"x12" snare
  • 7 mm, 6-ply Mersawa/poplar shells
  • Chrome hardware
  • Multiple finishes available
Wood hoops - 30 day warranty.
All hardware (metal hoops) and shell finish - One year warranty.
Shells - 5 year warranty.

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