David Bendeth is a multiplatinum-selling producer, engineer and mixer who has worked with top acts such as Paramore, Breaking Benjamin and Underoath. The albums he makes are known for their explosive rock sound. But it is his drums that has had the audio community in a stir ever since the opening snare fill in Paramore's "Misery Business."

Now, audio engineers around the globe can get access to Bendeth's unique drum tones. With five ready to go preset kits for SSD4, you can have the classic Bendeth tones on your own tracks. Bendeth even mixed in his own classic samples that have been used on all his records into the top velocities of the live sampled drums. With David Bendeth Drums, you'll have another amazing addition to your SSD4 drum locker.
  • 5 preset kits
  • 3 snare samples, 2 kick samples, 4 tom samples
  • 2 crashes
  • 1 ride
  • 1 China
  • 1 hi-hat
  • Preprocessed by David Bendeth
  • David's classic samples mixed into top two velocities

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