Originating in ancient Africa, the Kalimba (or thumb piano) is an exotic instrument that creates both harmonic and rhythmic effects. The 21 Note Professional Kalimba from Stagg produces an unforgettable melodic and percussive sound that is rich, warm, playful and enchanting.
  • Material: Zebra wood
  • Tine: Steel
  • 21 keys in C major diatonic scale (F3-E6)
  • Front and back sound holes for trembling effect
  • Ergonomic palm rest for extra comfort 
  • Build-in pickup (1/4” output jack)
  • Accessory pack: Protection case, tuning hammer, cleaning cloth, key sticker, user manual
  • Net size: 9.25" x 7.28" x 3.15"
  • Net weight: 1.87 lb.

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