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Introducing Omnisphere 2.5play button

Introducing Omnisphere 2.5

FLOW CAPTURE - A New Way to Record your Ideasplay button

FLOW CAPTURE - A New Way to Record your Ideas

Exploring The Orbplay button

Exploring The Orb

OMNISPHERE - What is Hardware Synth Integration?play button

OMNISPHERE - What is Hardware Synth Integration?


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The Omnisphere 2.6 from Spectrasonics is the flagship synthesizer—an instrument of extraordinary power and versatility. This award-winning software brings synthesis together into one amazing-sounding instrument that will spark a lifetime of exploration. Omnisphere 2.6 comes with a vast array of synthesis possibilities, including the ability to import your own audio content as a sound source inside Omnisphere giving you limitless sound-creation possibilities using your own sample library.

Vast New Synthesis Possibilities for Endless Sound Design

Omnisphere 2.6 offers over 400 DSP waveforms for the synth oscillator, which is 100 times more than the original version and each waveform is now a Morphing Wavetable with vast new possibilities and tones. A patch can have up to 10 oscillators and each oscillator can have its own wavetable, allowing for incredibly complex sounds. The Granular Synthesis algorithm will allow you to completely transform the included content or morph your own audio into unimaginable soundscapes.

Over 10,000 Professionally-Designed Patches and Soundsources

Omnisphere 2.6 comes with over 10,000 patches and Soundsources from the acclaimed Spectrasonics Sound Design Team in a variety of categories. There are exclusive Soundsources from Diego Stocco's custom-built instruments, innovative Psychoacoustic Soundsources, melodic cave stalactites Soundsources and hundreds of Circuit Bent Soundsources. The possibilities for inspiration are endless.

Seamless Hardware Synth Integration

Omnisphere 2.6 is the only software synth in the world to offer Hardware Synth Integration, which transforms over 65 hardware synths into extensive hands-on controllers. This feature makes using Omnisphere 2.6 feel just like using a hardware synth. Virtual instrument users can now experience the joy of the hardware synth workflow and hardware synth users can fully expand their capabilities.

High-Quality Effects and Interface

Omnisphere 2.6 features 25 new effects, including vintage modulation effects, distortion and EQs. There are also hundreds of new effects presets and racks available. The updated interface has a new Show Modulation pane, Mini-Browser and enhanced browsing experience to help you find the right sounds quickly. Features like Sound Match and Sound Lock make customizing your sounds easier than ever.

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 Power Synth
Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 Power Synth
Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 Power Synth

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  • Now includes over 14,000 inspiring sounds for all types of music production
  • Groundbreaking Hardware Synth Integration allows hands-on control
  • Audio Import - use your own audio file as a soundsource
  • State-of-the-art Arpeggiator with many unique features
  • Over 500 DSP Waveforms for the Synth Oscillator
  • Sound Match feature instantly locates any related sounds in the library
  • Hardware Library with distinct "classic analog" flavor
  • Powerful Granular Synthesis for amazing transformations
  • 57 incredible FX Units, which are fully integrated and can be modulated
  • Creative “Psychoacoustic” sounds from the renowned Spectrasonics sound design team
  • Sound Lock feature gives endless useful variations by locking sound aspects while browsing
  • Wavetable Synthesis - each waveform is a Morphing Wavetable
  • ORB circular motion interface allows infinitely shifting variations
  • Deeper FM/Ring Modulation capabilities for aggressive timbres
  • Dual Filter architecture includes more than 34 Filter algorithms in series or parallel
  • Performance-oriented Live Mode allows for seamless patch layering on the fly
  • Flex-Mod modulation system allows powerful, modular-style matrix routing
  • Stack Mode interface allows for complex patch-layering, splits and crossfades
  • Up to 20 oscillators per patch can be either DSP synth or sample based
  • High-resolution resizable interface with “Zooming” into deeper synthesis levels
  • Polyphonic Timbre Shifting/Crushing, Waveshaping and Reduction
  • Eight full-featured LFOs per patch, with syncing and complex waveforms
  • Twelve envelopes with both simple ADSR-style or advanced multi-breakpoint interfaces
  • Easy Sound/Project Sharing for collaborators and third-party libraries
  • Sample-based soundsources can be processed with synthesis features

collapse expand iconSpecs

System Requirements
  • 2.4 GHz or higher processor
  • 8GB of RAM or more recommended
  • 64GB of free hard drive space
Mac Users:
  • OS X 10.11 El Capitan or higher
  • AU, VST 2.4 or higher, AAX capable host software
  • 64-bit host
Windows Users:
  • Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
  • VST 2.4 or higher, AAX capable host software
  • 64-bit host

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