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The Sound Percussion Labs ASBS15 multi-rod drum sticks these innovative drum sticks feature a unique multi-rod design with 18 birch dowels of varying thickness, allowing drummers to explore a wide range of tones. The multi-rod configuration provides enhanced grip and rebound. Whether you're a rock drummer pounding out a driving beat or a jazz drummer crafting a delicate rhythm, the ASBS15 sticks are extremely versatile and suited for any genre or playing style.

Multi-Rod Design Offers Unparalleled Versatility

The multi-rod design provides increased surface area and grip, enabling faster rebound and livelier playing. Drummers can move seamlessly between rock, jazz, Latin and other styles without switching equipment. The unique configuration also allows drummers to experiment with different sounds and textures.

Premium Birch Construction for Superior Durability

Birch is a hardwood known for its density, strength and tonal qualities, making it an ideal material for drumsticks. The multi-rod design reinforces the strength and stability of the birch while maintaining sensitivity. The ASBS15 sticks can withstand heavy hitting playing styles and are designed to last through years of use.

Ergonomic Shape Promotes Proper Technique

The contoured handle of the ASBS15 sticks provides an ergonomic and balanced feel for proper grip and technique. The multi-rod configuration, in combination with the contoured shape, gives drummers more control and articulation. The design helps reduce fatigue, even during extended practice sessions or live performances.

Additional Features

A durable vinyl strap keeps the multi-rods securely in place.

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  • Birchwood construction for traditional weight and heft
  • Black grip and banding provide comfortable playing comparable to regular drum sticks
  • 18-Dowel design delivers a lighter and tight sound with a natural rebound off the drum head

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm