This Simmons e-kit/drum amplifier bundle includes the Simmons Titan 50 electronic drum kit with mesh pads and Bluetooth, as well as the Simmons DA2108 advanced drum amp. It's perfect for drummers who are looking to rock straight away with an all-inclusive setup that features monitor-style sound.

Simmons Titan 50

The Simmons Titan 50 electronic drum kit delivers the feel, size and sound of real drums. Its large and responsive 10" dual-zone mesh snare features a low-rim profile combined with high-speed triggering to provide enhanced playability and accurate rimshot detection. The kit also comes with three 8" mesh toms and three responsive 10" cymbals—hi-hat, ride and crash with choke. A 6" kick pad connects to the included kick pedal or players can use their own, including double-kick pedals. The full-sized 4-post rack is extra sturdy with steel construction, rectangular profile and adjustable mounts to keep all the parts locked in place. The rack is designed to be expandable with an adjustable length side rail so users can add another tom and cymbal.

Simmons DA2108

The Simmons DA2108 is a versatile practice drum amplifier that combines high-fidelity sound, ample power, stereo line inputs, AUX input and Bluetooth audio input. The result is a rig that provides studio monitor-style sound quality for your drums and tracks with full control of your tone via a 2-knob EQ.

Its Smart Stereo feature allows the use of two DA2108 amplifiers, immersing the player in full-surround stereo, placing each element of the drum kit in its proper place in the stereo field. The first amplifier in this setup controls the volume and tone for the full rig, making it easy to dial in the perfect sound and make global adjustments on the fly.

Place the DA2108’s versatile cabinet on the floor like a traditional amp, or take advantage of the pole mount to bring the sound to ear level. A floor/pole switch ensures consistent frequency response in either configuration. The DA2108 includes a convenient mobile device holder, so you can practice or play long with your favorite tracks anywhere, plus its headphone output makes silent practice a breeze.

The Titan 50 also includes an all-new library of drum kits, recorded at a major studio with sounds based on top-selling albums. The high-quality samples emphasize quality over quantity with full-length toms and crashes and stereo room ambience built into the sounds, and its advanced V.A.R. (Variable Attack Response) technology provides expressive dynamics and realistic performance. With its alternative sound sets, players can now replace the factory sounds with custom sets from the Simmons Signature sound library that features kits with the full module memory dedicated to reproducing the drum sounds as close to the original recorded sounds straight from the studio.


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and Lead and Cadmium, which are known to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to