The Shaker Mad Dog microphone is a second-generation takeoff of the great Shaker Madcat Microphone. With its specially designed larger dynamic element, it emphasizes lower-mid frequencies giving it a specific voice of it’s own. With a frequency response range of 40 - 6,000 Hz, it has a big, warm tonality with a hint of compression. It consists of of three parts: a center connecting web that fits between the fingers and connects the two pods, a bottom pod that houses the dynamic element, and an upper pod that is an acoustically tuned chamber and tone control that Shaker’s GNS technology.

In the player’s hands, the Mad Dog mic becomes part of a complex system where the harmonica, the microphone and the hands create a new type of instrument allowing harp players an unbelievable level of control over their sound, their tone, effects, dynamics and technique. Imagine playing amplified harmonica without having to hold a microphone, retaining all the nuance and hand gestures of acoustic harmonica but now you're amplified and dangerous. The possibilities are mind blowing. The Mad Dog Microphone works great with guitar effects pedals and is extremely feedback resistant. This Shaker microphone opens up a new world of sonic possibilities to the harp player.

If you use a Shaker mic with an impedance matching transformer into the input of your amp your Shaker mic becomes super charged, driving your amp into aural overdrive. All Shaker harmonica microphones are really two very different units in one. Direct to amp has the traditional Shaker tone and response. Used with a line-matching transformer: High output, hot and driven. Maximum flexibility, it’s your choice.

  • Extremely easy to hold
  • Highly feedback resistant
  • Compressed frequency range (40 – 6,000 Hz) providing big, warm tone with special voicing
  • Microphone body and grill made of a special high-strength thermo resin
  • compound (Shaker Sono Resin)
  • 42 in. cord with belt clip adapter
  • Wireless system compatible
  • GNS Technology (Good Noise Sampling)
  • Handmade in Arkansas (USA)
Impedance: 500 ohm
Sensitivity: -70
Frequency range: 60 - 7,000 Hz

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