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The Shadow SH 340 gives you an easy way to amplify your acoustic guitar without altering its natural tone. Its innovative NanoMAG humbucker is designed specifically for acoustics, capturing a wide frequency range to preserve the nuances of your guitar's voice. The pickup mounts unobtrusively inside your soundhole, letting your guitar maintain its original aesthetics. Rotating the pickup allows you to adjust the tonal response to suit your playing style. Active electronics provide a strong, noise-free signal, even in high-gain situations. If you want to plug in your acoustic without sacrificing its acoustic tone, the Shadow SH 340 is an ideal solution.

Shadow Electronics SH 340 Soundhole Mount Humbucker Acoustic Pickup

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  • Low-impedance active NanoMAG humbucker pickup balanced for acoustic and electric guitar
  • Rotatable inside soundhole for tonal adjustment
  • Large frequency range from innovative Samarium Cobalt magnets
  • Height-adjustable for precision installation

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