Sound Enhancing Speaker Stands
This pair of PRO-9 9" studio monitor stands are designed to eliminate unwanted resonance and absorb vibrations between your desk and the speakers which provides more accurate base and tweeter clarity.

Universal Satellite Speaker Support
Soundrise PRO speaker stands can be used with most 5" to 8" reference monitors, including Yamaha HS5, KRK Rokit5 and other popular models in professional technician and DJ studios.

Personal and Professional-Grade
PRO-9 9" satellite speaker stands can support a wide range of computer, laptop or soundboard speakers, which means you can use them for supporting gaming, engineering or everyday listening.

Well-Balanced Metal Frame
Soundrise studio monitor stands come in pairs and are laser cut from an industrial-grade aluminum to provide you with long-lasting durability and resilience for all your music making or enjoyment needs.
  • Smart C-Shaped Design–lifts speakers up 9" to create space
  • Personal and professional-grade satellite speaker stands can support a wide range of speakers
  • Well-balanced metal frame
  • Laser cut from an industrial-grade aluminum
  • Includes 2 stands, 8 silicone rubber feet and a Soundrise sticker
  • Available in powder coated Black, Silver or Matte White
  • Top Plate: 8.5" x 6.5".
  • Bottom Plate: 9" x 7.75"