The Roland 306 Acoustic Design V-Drums are a compact electronic drum kit designed to look and feel like acoustic drums. Just like the larger VAD503 and VAD506 kits available at Guitar Center, the Roland VAD306 drums feature real wood shells, but these have been cut down to a shallower depth to save space and weight. The VAD306 has the same footprint as the midrange Roland kits that have become extremely popular worldwide for playing in tight spaces. But thanks to the wood shells and full “cocktail kit” sizes, the Acoustic Design pads have the familiar weight and response of acoustic drums while taking up far less room. The chrome hardware includes double-braced cymbal stands, real Roland-designed lugs, flanged hoops and tom mounts. The snare, hi-hats and kick all work with the player’s preferred stands and pedals (snare stand, hi-hat stand and pedals sold separately). The shells sport a sleek black wrap finish. And thanks to the Roland TD-17 sound module, this compact e-kit is still packed with diverse sounds and useful training features.

Roland Acoustic Design 306 V-Drums Main Features

  • Real wood shells in acoustic “cocktail” sizes: 12” snare and mounted floor tom, two 10” rack toms and 18” kick plus 12” hi-hat, two crashes and a 13” ride cymbal pad
  • TD-17 module with an extensive sound library, Prismatic Sound Modeling, editing features and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Built-in teaching features make this kit ideal for students
  • Premium touches include double-braced chrome stands, chrome hoops and lugs, plus a sleek black wrap finish

Real Wood Shells in Space-Saving Configuration

The Roland VAD306 electronic kit makes any drummer feel instantly at home. It features Roland’s advanced mesh V-Drum pads, reimagined for the Acoustic Design series. The shells are arranged to mimic the compact "cocktail" kits that have become extremely popular for gigging drummers and city dwellers. That means a 12” snare drum, two 10” rack toms, a mounted 12” low tom and 18” kick, all with real wood shells and chrome hardware. These pads not only look great, they also offer the same weighted response drummers expect from acoustic drums. A full complement of cymbal pads includes a 12" hi-hat that mounts on a real hi-hat stand (sold separately), two 12" crashes and a 13" ride, designed to balance space and comfort. (Kick pedal and snare stand also sold separately.)

Rich Sounds, Deep Editing and Easy Connectivity

The included TD-17 module features the updated TD-50 sound engine, extensive editing features and Bluetooth capability. It begins with samples from high-end drums, percussion and cymbals—both vintage and modern—in world-class recording studios. Then, Roland applies their Prismatic Sound Modeling technology, making samples behave in complex ways based on how they’re played. To ease players into the TD-17, Roland has included 50 preset kits that make it easy to start playing right away. But once drummers try the editing features, this module really shines. Players can adjust the ambience, making the drums sound like they’re in an arena, a studio or anything in between. They can mix and match instruments to create their own preset kits. They can even import their own sounds, to match the precise kits from their favorite records. And thanks to Bluetooth audio, it’s easy to play along with any music.

Built-in Coaching Functions to Improve Technique

Roland optimized the VAD306 to fit into at-home practice spaces, and the TD-17 module helps players get the most out of their practice sessions. Put the module into Coach Mode to unlock features like Time Check and Quiet Count, which help improve timing. Use the warm-up menu for daily exercises to retain those hard-earned chops. Watch instructional videos on a smartphone, tablet or laptop and use Bluetooth to play along. The double-mesh snare is designed to respond just like a standard drumhead, so all of these exercises will transfer easily onto an acoustic kit. The same goes for the hi-hat and kick drum, which are both compatible with any standard pedals and stands. For players who have their e-kit at home and an acoustic kit on stage, it’s easy to use the same pedals for both.

All the Bells and Whistles of an Acoustic Kit

Advanced tech aside, sometimes it’s the little things that matter. The Roland VAD306 pulls features from the larger V-Drums Acoustic Design 503 and 506, including chrome hardware. These are no mock-ups—the double-braced stands are made with real steel tubing, textured boom attachments, rubber feet, you name it. And the chrome extends to the flanged hoops, tension rods, lugs and mounts. And to finish it all off, the short wood shells feature a glossy black wrap finish. Saving space shouldn’t mean skimping on looks—and with the VAD306, it doesn’t have to.

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