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Roland's RDH-102A Pro Double Kick Drum Pedal takes your drumming to the next level. This professional double pedal was designed with the serious drummer in mind, delivering a level of speed, power and precision unrivaled in its class. At its core are dual chain drives, precision machined components and fully adjustable beaters, springs and pedal angles so you can customize the feel to your exact playing style.

Noise Eater Technology Minimizes Acoustic Disturbance

Onboard Noise Eater technology, derived from Roland's acclaimed V-Drums, reduces acoustic noise and vibration that can disturb housemates, neighbors or recording sessions. You get the feel of an acoustic double kick pedal with the ability to practice day or night without making a racket.

Built to Withstand the Rigors of Performance

The RDH-102A is built from the ground up for drummers who demand the best. Its rugged all-metal construction and high-quality components are made to handle the stresses of touring and performance. Precision machined springs, hinges and bearings translate your footwork into fast, accurate beater strikes every time. Fully adjustable beaters, spring tension and pedal angle provide extreme flexibility so you can customize this pedal to match your playing style perfectly.

Unmatched Speed and Control

Dual chain drives and smooth bearing hinges give this pedal lightning-fast response and accuracy. The RDH-102A delivers speed and power in spades for advanced double bass drum techniques. Its sturdy, non-slip base plate keeps the pedal firmly in place during your most intense playing.

Highly Compatible and Versatile

The RDH-102A works with virtually any bass drum and attaches securely in minutes. Its rugged build and adjustable components suit a wide range of playing styles from rock and metal to jazz and fusion.

Roland Pro Double Kick Drum Pedal with Noise Eater Technology
Roland Pro Double Kick Drum Pedal with Noise Eater Technology
Roland Pro Double Kick Drum Pedal with Noise Eater Technology

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  • Acoustic noise-reduction features derived from Roland's Noise Eater technology
  • Dual-chain drives
  • Smooth bearing hinges
  • Self-aligning beaters
  • Compatible with Roland kick trigger pads that support double pedals