Designed for use under kick pads/pedals and hi-hat controllers/stands, the Noise Eater NE-1 rubber foot is a unique drum sound isolation device to reduce noise transfer to rooms below by approximately 75 percent.

All drummers know that V-Drums are awesome for practicing or recording-simply plug in a set of headphones and rock away with a only minimal amount of acoustic sound (if any) escaping outside the room you're playing in. If the only other people nearby are in rooms on the same level or above you, then you can drum freely with no worries of angry neighbors showing up at your door.

But if you play your V-Drums in a multi-level structure, you might have some issues with low-frequency sounds (thumping or otherwise) being transferred through the floor as you play the kick and hi-hat pedals. If the people occupying rooms below are a little less than thrilled with this as you jam for hours on end, Noise Eater products deliver a simple, convenient, and affordable solution-just place the NE-1 under pedals and stand legs as needed, and the problem is solved!

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