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The Remo Clear Pinstripe Head 6" provides drummers a rich, full sound for rock, pop and R&B styles. Featuring a dual-ply, 6-mil Mylar film with an internal damping ring, this drumhead dampens high overtones while enhancing lower frequencies for a focused tone with solid projection. The result is a fat, punchy sound with a quick decay that sits perfectly in any mix.

Deep, Warm Timbre

With its built-in muffling ring, the Remo Pinstripe head tames sharp overtones and tightens the overall resonance for a warmer, more controlled drum sound. Tuned low, it produces a throaty, punchy tone with a short sustain - perfect for thicker, busier arrangements where drum frequencies can quickly clutter the sonic landscape. For rock, pop and modern R&B, this drumhead delivers a huge, cutting tone that leaves plenty of space for other instruments.

Versatile and Responsive

While focused in tone, the Remo Pinstripe head remains responsive to a drummer's touch. With a medium attack, drummers can achieve a balanced level of articulation and sensitivity for musical, expressive playing. Its dual-ply Mylar film also provides enough durability for energetic playing styles. For studio work, the controlled ring and focused pitch make this drumhead an excellent choice for achieving a precise, polished drum sound with minimal muffling or dampening required.

Complete Any Kit

The Remo Pinstripe drumhead complements a wide range of musical genres and drum configurations. On snare drums, it helps produce a fat, punchy backbeat and shorter sustain. For rack toms, it creates a warm, cutting tone with solid projection. As a replacement resonant head, it further enhances tone and focus. With a variety of available sizes from 6" to 26", drummers can outfit an entire kit with Clear Pinstripe heads for a consistent, professional quality of sound.

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